AWIS-San Diego

Outreach Resources


Carbohydrate Search (Ages 6+)

Red Cabbage experiment (chemistry experiment – Grades 4-6)

Chromatography (elementary – middle school)

Crime Scene Sleuth

Silly Putty

handout and Julia’s Chem Expo fact sheet

How does the glue work answers

Tower Building (Grades 4-8)


Tower building workshop updates by Julia: instructions and presentation

Who builds big interviews: Susan Knack and Diana Nishi

Toothpick Fish (Grades 7-8)


Toothpick Fish Instruction sheet

Traits Bingo (Grades 7-8)

The Cell in Motion (high school)

Supplies available to run future workshops

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Expanding Your Horizons:

San Diego Science Fair:

Sally Ride Science:


Science Olympiad:

The Preuss School:

High Tech Fair:

San Diego Science Festival:

Helpful Links (STEM resources at public libraries – thanks, Jeremy!) (water cycle, clouds, and rainbows explained – thanks Cassie!) (Museum of Science, Art in San Francisco) (chemistry for kids – workshop ideas) (biology for kids – workshop ideas) (earth science) (lots of workshops, biology related) (CA state standards) (DNA extraction experiments) (physics demos and projects) (lots of physics, physical chemistry links for kids) (Age-sorted guide to many online STEM resources for kids) (Kinetic and Potential Energy Guide)