AWIS-San Diego

Scholarship Committee

The mission of the Scholarship Program is to annually award scholarships to female students pursuing their degrees, conducting research projects, or assisting with additional educational expenses, with an emphasis on STEM fields, where women are underrepresented.

Every year, the San Diego Chapter of AWIS awards around $7,000 in scholarships, to women in STEM fields, which allows for about 7 scholarships for ambitious and talented students with exceptional achievements in academics and research, in addition to community service and outreach activities. The AWIS-SD Scholarship recipients are recognized at the annual meeting, either at the AWIS-SD WIST conference or at the Scholarship Celebration, which happen in alternating years some time in the spring. The fields of study of the scholarship winners in the past have included: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Experimental Psychology.

For more information about the Scholarships, please visit the Scholarship Program page.

Purpose of the Committee

The Scholarship Program strives to encourage and reward aspiring women scientists pursuing their degrees in San Diego colleges and universities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Scholarship Committee welcomes new volunteers. Activities include: updating contact list of science faculty and financial aid offices for distributing scholarship information, advertising the scholarship program in the fall, selecting scholarship recipients in the winter, presenting scholarship recipients at the annual AWIS event (WIST or Scholarship Celebration), and introducing scholarship winners to AWIS San Diego activities and events.

Contact Information

For more information about the AWIS San Diego Scholarship Program, please contact the Scholarship Committee.

For information on corporate or personal donations to the AWIS San Diego scholarship fund, please contact the Corporate Sponsorship Committee.

Scholarship Co-Chairs:

Eilen Fonseca


Current Position: Prospective Genetic Counseling Student, Group Leader for Child Development
Training: BS in Human Biology, University of California San Diego
Additional AWIS Involvement: Public Relations Committee

Xingxiu Pan


Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Lab of Dr. Valentin Cracan, Scintillon Institute
Training: PhD in Cell Biology of Neuron, Utrecht University, 2020, the Netherlands
Additional AWIS Involvement: Outreach Committee