The mission of the Corporate Sponsorship Committee is to engage local biotech and technology companies, research organizations and service providers, and to provide them the opportunity to support women in the local scientific community through the sponsorship of AWIS-SD events and academic scholarships.

The mission of the Events Committee is to provide an opportunity to create connections among
people interested in promoting women working in science.

The purpose of the Newsletter is to report on Chapter activities and to provide information about issues that may be of interest to AWIS-San Diego members. The Newsletter typically includes profiles of AWIS members, descriptions of AWIS events, information about non-AWIS events, and articles about science, technology and health.

The mission of the Outreach Committee is to inspire the San Diego community about STEM and encourage young women interested in STEM careers. The committee organizes and participates in STEM events, supports equity and diversity in STEM and promotes the visibility of women as STEM professionals and role models.

The goal of the Public Relations Committee (PR) is to increase public awareness and interest in AWIS and AWIS-sponsored events using contacts in the local media.

The mission of the Scholarship Program is to annually award scholarships to female students pursuing their degrees, conducting research projects, or assisting with additional educational expenses, with an emphasis on STEM fields, where women are underrepresented.

The mission of the Strategy Sessions is to facilitate networking and provide peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities among AWIS members via meaningful discussions in small group settings. Experiential learning methods foster professional and personal development and education among AWIS members.

The mission of the Website committee is to provide information about the programs and activities of the San Diego Chapter of AWIS to members and non-members. The website committee works with the AWIS Board and Committee Chairs to ensure that the information appearing on the website is current.

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