AWIS-SD Volunteer Award and Career Development Award recipients

Achievement in Innovation: Awarded to the Chapter member or committee who has initiated the best new idea to advance and enhance Chapter events.

Rookie of the Year: Awarded to new members who have been outstanding contributors to an AWIS committee.

Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Awarded to the Chapter member who, while acting on behalf of AWIS, has made a contribution to the San Diego community.

Outstanding Volunteer: Awarded to a Chapter member who actively and enthusiastically participates in an AWIS committee.

Leadership Service: Awarded to the Chapter member whose leadership role has advanced the goals and visibility of the San Diego Chapter.

Board Special Award: Awarded to the Chapter member(s) whom the AWIS-San Diego Board recognizes as exemplifying the AWIS-San Diego mission through excellence in leadership, community service, innovation, and promoting AWIS-San Diego.

President's Award: Awarded to a Chapter member who has demonstrated continued service and enthusiasm over many years.



*Achievement in Innovation: Angela Macia
*Rookie of the Year: Betty Cabrera, Norazizah Shafee
*Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Alina Luk, Chistina Grobin
*Outstanding Volunteer: Alex Clark
*Leadership Service: Courtney Benson
*Board Special Award: Robyn Wygal
*President's Award: Corine Lau, Lori Yang
Long Service Awards:
25 years: Grace Nakayama
20 years: Victoria Cagle
15 years: Laura Pereira
10 years: Wendy Ochoa, Parisa Abedinpour
5 years: Takako Noguchi, Cristina Giachetti, Adriana Bankston, Karrie Kwok


*Rookie of the Year: Alina Luk, Valeria Viscardi
*Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Alyson Smith
*Outstanding Volunteer: Dieanira Eradiatius, Adina Gerson, Alison Huang
*Leadership Service: Kina Thackray, Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk
*Board Special Award: Juliati Rahajeng
*President's Award: Robyn Wygal


*Achievement in Innovation: Sigrid Katz, Takako Noguchi
*Rookie of the Year: Myan Do, Maria del Pilar Martinez Viedma
*Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Varykina Thackray, Alyson Smith
*Outstanding Volunteer: Sabrina Treadwell, Miriam Cohen
*Leadership Service: Elizabeth Jacobs, Lin-Chien Huang, Juliati Rahajeng
*Board Special Award: Abigail Ferrieri, Radhika Gopal
*President's Award: Diane Retallack, Raymond Seraydarian

*AWIS-SD/UCSD Extension Continuing Educations Scholarships: Saranya Canchi PhD, Rhiannon Killian PhD



*Achievement in Innovation: Anne Kornahrens, Joanna Redfern, Robyn Wygal
*Rookie of the Year: Elizabeth Jacobs, Ksenya Cohen-Katsenelson
*Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Kristin Bompiani-Myers, Miriam Cohen
*Outstanding Volunteer: Juliati Rahajeng, Melissa Scranton
*Leadership Service: Corine Lau, Sophie Muscat-King
*Board Special Award: Eva Goellner, Eileen Collyer and Risa Broyer
*President's Award: Dorothy Sears, Dominique Lenoir


*Achievement in Innovation – Liz Clark
*Rookie of the Year – Danielle John, Lin-Chien Huang
*Achievement in Outreach or Community Service – Robyn Wygal and Anne Kornahrens
*Leadership Service – Leslie Crews, Kathy Oglivie, Nurith Amitai
*Outstanding Volunteer – Kerstin Kirchsteiger, Robina Shaheen
*Board Special Award – Laura Cerviño and Erna van Niekerk
*President’s Award – Linda Manza



*Achievement in Innovation – Afshawn Chakamian, DeeAnn Visk, Nurith Amitai
*Rookie of the Year – Li-Ting Su, Jenya Antonova-Koch, Yashii Joshi
*Achievement in Outreach or Community Service –  DeeAnn Visk, April Cresse, Nellie Shaul
*Leadership Service – Radhika Gopal, Kerstin Kirchsteiger
*Outstanding Volunteer – Gloria Kuo Lefkowitz
*Board Special Award – Maha Gebara-Lamb, Ellen Dunn, April Cresse
*President’s  Award –  Tamera Weisser
*AWIS-SD/UCSD Extension Continuing Educations Scholarships – Jean Spence, PhD and Aniko Hastings, PhD

*Achievement in Innovation – Maha Gebara-Lamb, Ellen Dunn and April Cresse;
*Rookie of the Year – Margie Mathewson, Helena Sun and Shelly Trigg
*Achievement in Outreach or Community Service –  Vicki Hurless and Laura Cerviño
*Outstanding Volunteer – Barb Davids
*Leadership Service – Supriya Gaitonde
*President’s  Award –  Janice Payne
*Professional Development Award – Caroline McKeown

*Achievement in Innovation: Uromi Goodale and Cheryl Okumura
*Rookie of the Year:  Erna van Niekerk
*Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Juliana (Julie) Bordowitz
*Outstanding Volunteer: Marianna Tcherpakov and Maki Kaneko
*Leadership Service: Nurith Amitai and Monica Brown
*President’s Award: Jenny Chaplain and Rachel Soloff

* Achievement in Innovation: Wendy Ochoa
* Rookie of the Year: Margo Streets and Barb Davids
* Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Alexis Pasulka
* Oustanding Volunteer: Tamera Weisser
* Leadership Service: Lisa Fong and Hoang Nhan
* President Award: Anneka Raney
* Long Service Awards:
       20 years: Raymond Seraydarian
       15 years: Sharon Lynn Wampler
       10 years: Janet White, Margaret  De Rose, Anne S. Fege, Donna M. Simmons, Dorothy D. Sears,
                         Karin Zeh, Rosemary Cesario, Hima  Joshi, Andria Lee Del Tredici

* Achievement in Innovation: Wendy Ochoa and Kristina Henthorn
* Rookie of the Year: Alka Molhotra
* Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Irene Ch’en
* Oustanding Volunteer: Hoang Nhan
* Leadership Service: Carmen Velez
* President Award: Karin Zeh
* Career Development Award: Petra Pavlickova
* Long Service Awards:
       20 years: Barbara B. Hemmingsen and Suhaila White
       15 years: Georgia Theofan
       10 years: Kathleen M. Ogilvie, Rachel Soloff, and Cecile Rose Vibat
         5 years: Frances Park, Varykina Thackray, Kathleen J. Myers, Beth A. Fleck, Sama Tamrakar,
                        Sujan Shresta, Mindy I.Davis, Kathryn T. Applegate, and Betty Y.Y. Tam

* Achievement in Innovation: Lawrence Fougeaurd and Corine Lau
* Rookie of the Year: Erin Dunn
* Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Shauna McGillivray
* Oustanding Volunteer: Dody Sears and Grace Nakayama
* Leadership Service: Erica Stone and Anita Iyer
* President Award: Barbara Preston
* Career Development Award: Irene Chen and Judy French
* Long Service Awards:
       20 years: Patricia Shaffer          
       15 years: Margery Johnstone and Grace Nakayama
       10 years: Janice Payne, Victoria Cagle, Melanie Nelson, Wendy Freedman, Elizabeth Orr and Elaine Weidenhammer

* Achievement in Innovation: Public Relations Committee
* Rookie of the Year: Toni Cordero
* Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Julia Claggett
* Oustanding VOlunteer: Lili Chen
* Leadership Service: Valerie Uzzell and Sama Tamrakar
* President Award: Janet White
* Long Service Aawards: Lynne Friedmann (20 years) - Kam Dahlquist (10 years) - Margaret Barr (10 years)
* Career Development Award: Kerri Hebard-Massey

* Achievement in Innovation: Lynn Yieh
* Rookie of the Year: Valerie Delmar
* Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Jeannine Stuzka & Diane Retallack
* Oustanding VOlunteer: Lisa Whalen & Rosemary Cesario
* Leadership Service: Betty Tam & Sandra Rickert
* President Award: Kathy Ogilvie
   Members who had volunteered in AWIS for over 15 years were also recognized.

* Rookie of the Year: Milka Kostic
* Leadership: Robin Rosenfeld
* Outreach: Susy McKay & Alicia Bicknell
* Outstanding Volunteer: Julie Kinyoun
* Outstanding Volunteer: Cindy Atwell
* President's Award: Barbara Armstrong

* Rookie of the Year: Jenafer Evans
* Achievements in Outreach or Community Service: Annika Montag
* Outstanding Volunteer: Janice Payne
* Achievement in Innovation: Website Committee
* Leadership Service: Holly Heaslet
* President's Award: Lynne Friedmann

* Rookie of the Year: Ursula Kessen
* Leadership: Natalie Schiller
* Outreach: Fran Putkey
* Outstanding Volunteer: Hima Joshi
* Outstanding Volunteer: Helen Chen  
* Lifetime Achievement: Sharon Wampler

* Rookie of the Year: Karin Lucas
* Leadership: Elaine Weidenhammer
* Outreach: Jodi Connolly
* Achievement in Innovation: Anjali Kansagara
* The Mentor of the Year: Swanie Schmidt
* Lifetime Achievement: Susi Jennings

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