The mission of the Outreach Committee is to inspire the San Diego community about STEM and encourage young women interested in STEM careers. The committee organizes and participates in STEM events, supports equity and diversity in STEM and promotes the visibility of women as STEM professionals and role models.

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Outreach Resources


Future Committee Goals:

  • Expand our reach into the community to provide volunteers for established programs that assist young girls and women in learning about science and how to pursue science-related education and careers.
  • Encourage participation in MentorNet E-Mentoring Network for Diversity in Engineering and Science as either mentors or protégés.
  • Encourage participation in AWIS events and activities by scholarship and science fair award winners


AWIS Outreach Committee Member Functions:

  • Develop events, foster collaborations, and participate in STEM activities that encourage and support women in STEM careers.
  • Provide opportunities for young women to explore and build upon careers in STEM.
  • Engage the larger community to support women in STEM, through organized volunteer activities, mentorship, sponsorship and leadership opportunities.


Leadership Development Opportunities:

  • Communicate Your Passion for STEM
  • Increase Your Network     
  • Build Leadership Skills
  • Contribute to publications – Newsletter Writing, SOPs, STEM Activities
  • Manage expenses
  • Plan events
  • Provide mentoring


Outreach Co-Chairs:

Michelle Muldong

Jamillah Murtadha

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Jamillah Murtadha
Bridget Kohlnhofer
Michelle Muldong
Yessica Diaz Roman
Anamaria Ancheta
Sarah Mctague
Rachel McMillan

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