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The first Open House held by AWIS San Diego was in 2002. The purpose was to introduce our organization to the science community and to recruit new members by presenting our diverse events, activities and committees. It was a great success and has become one of the most important AWIS-San Diego events. Since 2003 the Open House is also our opportunity to recognize our most active and dedicated volunteers through the AWIS Awards.

The 14th annual AWIS-SD open house was held at Qualcomm on October 28, 2015. Open House 2015 was an excellent occasion to introduce AWIS-SD to the greater community, highlight our committees and activities, acknowledge our long-term members, and recognize the committed volunteers who contribute to our chapter’s success. AWIS-SD was very pleased that the silent auction raised over $1100 — more than enough to cover one AWIS-SD scholarship in 2016!

Congratulations to the 2015 AWIS-SD Volunteer Award recipients!:

Achievement in Innovation: Awarded to the Chapter member or committee who has initiated the best new idea to advance and enhance Chapter events.

      - Liz Clark (Website Committee co-chair)

Rookies of the Year: Awarded to new members who have been outstanding contributors to an AWIS committee

- Danielle John (Open House co-chair), Lin-Chien Huang (Strategy Session Committee co-chair)

Achievement in Outreach or Community Service: Awarded to the Chapter member who, while acting on behalf of AWIS, has made a contribution to the San Diego community.

 - Robyn Wygal and Anne Kornahrens (Outreach Committee co-chairs)

Outstanding Volunteer: Awarded to a Chapter member who actively and enthusiastically participates in an AWIS committee

- Kerstin Kirchsteiger (Corporate Sponsorship Committee co-chair), Robina Shaheen (WIST 2015 co-chair, AWIS volunteer on different committees)

Leadership Service: Awarded to the Chapter member whose leadership role has advanced the goals and visibility of the San Diego Chapter.

- Leslie Crews (Strategy Sessions Committee co-chair), Kathy Oglivie (Corporate Sponsorship Committee co-chair), Nurith Amitai (Newsletter Committee co-chair)

Board Special Award: Awarded to the Chapter member(s) whom the AWIS-San Diego Board recognizes as exemplifying the AWIS-San Diego mission through excellence in leadership, community service, innovation, and promoting AWIS-San Diego.

- Laura Cerviño and Erna van Niekerk (Scholarship Committee co-chairs)

President's Award: Awarded to a Chapter member who has demonstrated continued service and enthusiasm over many years.

- Linda Manza (Strategy Sessions Committee, Secretary on the AWIS-SD Executive Board, AWIS-SD Leadership Network, WIST 2015 Committee, Newsletter Committee and Western States Chapters Committee representative for AWIS National)

 The Open House was a great success and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Previous Years' Outstanding Volunteers

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