The Strategy Sessions are a Members Only forum for learning, networking, sharing, and growing.

The goal of the Strategy Sessions is to facilitate networking and provide peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities among AWIS members via meaningful discussions in small group settings. Experiential learning methods foster professional and personal development and education among AWIS members.

Strategy Sessions will take place from 6:00 to 8:00pm at Hera Hub Sorrento Mesa, 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121

Light refreshments will be served. Registration required.

Hera Hub Sorrento Mesa, 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121


This year's Events:

Feb 5th, Decoding the Job Description: Panelists from Takeda Pharmaceuticals crack the code of job descriptions.

Apr 2nd, Decoding the Resume: How to write a killer resume.

Jun 4th, Decoding the Elevator Pitch: How to brand and market yourself.

Aug 6th, Decoding the Interview: Discussion panel and mock interviews.

Oct 1st, Decoding Your Interpersonal Style: Knowing your work and leadership styles.

Dec 3rd, Decoding Career Options in STEM: Learn more about non-academic career options from real-life experts. 


2017 Events:

Feb 6th: Creating a Powerful Professional Network

April 3rd: Creating a Professional Image (with headshot)

June 5th: Creating an Interview Success (with mock interviews)

August 7th: Creating a Career Success

October 2nd: Women in STEM stories (5 or 6 10-minute TED-style talks)

November 6th: Creating Financial Stability (with our WestPac Partners sponsor, Sheena)

December 4th: Creating Powerful Leadership Skills


2016 Events:

February 8: (Open to non-members for a nominal fee): Projecting a Positive Career Transition

April 4: Projecting a Professional Image (special event with FREE members-only professional headshot photo session)

June 6: Projecting Your Inner Businesswoman (Business Skills 101)

August 1:  Projecting Your Project Management Skills

October 3: Projecting and Protecting New Ideas (Intro to Intellectual Property)

December 5: Projecting Your Inner Diplomat (Communication Skills)

Focus Session (November 7): Projecting a Positive Financial Future (Financial Planning Skills)


2015 Events:

February 2 (Open to non-members for a nominal fee): Advance Opportunities in Ever-Changing STEM Industries

April 6: Advance Your Message Through Body Language

June 1: Advance Your Career Path Through Effective Self-Promotion

August 3:  Advance to the Job Offer: Nail the Interview

October 5: Advance Your Goals Through Negotiation

November 2 (Focus Session): Advance Your Chances for an Interview: A CV Workshop

December 7: Advance Your Success: ID Your Strengths


Past Strategy Sessions


February 4: Build your online presence

April 7: Build an effective management and leadership style

June 2: Build your networking confidence

August 4: Build Effective Mentoring Relationships

Focus session 8: Build your own business

October 6: Build on your idea

December 1: Build your career using the newest technology



February 4: Enhance Your Productivity: Resolve to make the most of your time at work

April 1: Enhance Your Interview Success: Active preparation and follow-through

June 3: Enhance Your Negotiation Skills: Acquire the desired result

August 6: Enhance Equality: Mitigating Gender, Cultural and Generational Bias 

October 7: Enhance Your Presentation Impact: Constructing a masterful

December 2: Enhance Your Team Building: Effective collaborations and project teams  


Special Focus Session: Enhance Your Career: Succeeding in Work and Life Phase Transitions



February 6: Get Connected Networking and social media

April 2: Get a Job Optimize your resume and nail the interview

June 4: Get Noticed Increase your visibility in the workplace

August 6: Get Promoted Move ahead in your career

October 1: Get the Scoop Appropriate business conduct

December 3: Get a Life Escape your routine

Special Focus Session: Get Perspective Explore STEM career opportunities



February 7: Develop Your Career Success

Achieve satisfaction and accomplishment in your career

April 4: Develop Effective Communication

Is your message getting through?

June 6: Develop Financial Acumen

Manage your money for the ups and downs of life

August 1: Develop Your Brand

Create the image you want for yourself

October 3: Develop Productive Teams

There is no "I" in team

September 12: Special Focus Session on Project Management

December 5: Develop Techniques for Handling Stress

Strike a balance for your mental and physical health

 If you have a question about a Strategy Session or would like to help us plan a session, contact us by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Committee Chairs: Sabrina Treadwell and Myan Do

Visit the Strategy Sessions Committee Webpage.

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