Mission Statement:

Publicity efforts are especially important for our large events such as the Gala, The Women in Science and Technology(WIST) Conference, and the annual Open House. Effective public relations are vital to the success of our organization. Our efforts ensure that potential members and sponsors in the community are familiar with AWIS-SD and that they know our mission is to achieve equity and full participation of women in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology.


To foster public awareness and ensure a consistent image for San Diego AWIS

Purpose of the committee:

  • Develop the AWIS-SD brand and image
  • Coordinate contacts with the media & disseminate news
  • Increase community & public awareness of AWIS activities & events

The goals of the Public Relations Committee (PR) are to:

  • Oversee PR for all AWIS activities to ensure a consistent image and strategy
  • Develop AWIS-SD brand, image, and public relations strategy
  • Coordinate media contacts and key messages with committee chairs
  • Increase public awareness and interest in AWIS and AWIS-sponsored events using contacts in the local media
  • Recruit and welcome new members at various professional levels
  • Retain current members
  • Getting the word out about AWIS SD, our resources, and our voice for women in science.

Committee member benefits:

  • Polish your professional communication skills with great networking opportunities
  • Develop great marketing skills and use social media tools
  • Build your professional online presence as an AWIS-SD representative.
  • Develop relationships with other AWIS SD committees, media contacts, AWIS-SD sponsors, and AWIS-SD partners.
  • Build awareness of AWIS-SD events and news on a flexible schedule—we have short term and long term projects that fit your schedule.

Past Events

  • Qualcomm QWISE Day
  • SD Lawyers Club Equal Pay Day
  • Business Women’s Mega Mixer
  • AWIS-SD WIST Conference
  • AWIS-SD Scholarship Celebration
  • AWIS-SD Open House

Some of the tasks we do with non-AWIS-SD events:

  • Publicize our involvement in the event with posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Attend the event and set up table or booth with AWIS-SD promotional material and interact with participants.
  • Thank the organizers and sponsors after the event in posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Volunteer time commitment ranges from 1-2 hours to half a day depending on nature of the event.

Some of the tasks we do for AWIS SD events:

  • Publicize the event with posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Thank sponsors, donors, and attendees via posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Take pictures day-of the event.
  • Compose and email press release of our event to similar organizations and news outlets.
  • Volunteer time commitment ranges from 1-3 hours per month leading up to our major events.


PR website picture 2

Yashi (PR member) and Vicki (Outreach member) at the AWIS-SD booth at the STE[+a]m ASCEND Conference.


 PR website picture 1

AWIS-SD volunteers celebrating International Women’s Day with QWISE at Qualcomm.


If you are interested in becoming involved in increasing awareness of our chapter, while improving your communication skills and learning to interact with the media, please contact the PR Chair.


Committee Members:

Co-Chair              Sophie Muscat-King             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co-Chair               Elizabeth Jacobs                  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



                               Lin-Chien Huang

                               Gloria Kuo Lefkowitz

                               Elena Rubio de la Torre

                               Katherine Stapleton

                               Robyn Wygal

                               Lori Yang


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